The Only Pole that Rotates 360° While Spraying!


iSpray360 44” Rotating Spray Pole

Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $179.99.

features benefits

• ONLY Spray Pole that Rotates 360o On the Fly, WHILE You Spray!
• Built-In Roller Holder and Paint Brush Holder allows 1 user to Spray and Light-Duty Back-Roll or Spray and Back-Brush at same time
• Ultra-Light Weight Design = Faster Job & Less Fatigue
• Easy To Use Single-Hand Operation
• Feels like having your hand extended 44” up to the end of the pole
• Allows you to spray at the Perfect Angle on Flat & Vertical Surfaces
• Easily Reaches Over, Around & Behind Bushes & Obstacles

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Monkey Rung iSpray360
Monkey Rung iSpray360

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